Mobile Application Development

Developing applications for mobile devices requires time, skills, and a sufficient budget. This is a difficult task, and even with an intelligent team it is not always possible to create something worthwhile because millions of applications already exist, and it is difficult to stand out among them. Developers create hundreds of them daily: some gain popularity, bring in income and benefits; others are limited to a narrow circle of users, not spreading to the masses.

Today a person spends about 5 hours daily on a smartphone. The current trend allows you to skilfully tune your business and profitably monetise the love of the internet. In addition to advertising, the mobile application creates the company’s image, gives information about the target audience and assesses the behavioural factors of buyers.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development technology

The right architecture will save your time, effort and finances. The main ones are two approaches to creating applications: native and cross-platform.

Native means to create separate applications for each mobile platform. In other words, you need to develop one application for iOS, and another for Android. The advantages of native apps:

  1. Advanced design options.
  2. Support for all smartphone functions, including internal purchases, access to geo services or camera, push notifications, and priority updates.
  3. Fast response interfaces, instant response to taps.

Cross-platform is the creation of a common code base for two mobile platforms, with further code translation via each OS through interlayer. Advantages of cross-platform apps:

  1. A single code base; the application works correctly on all platforms, which allows you to simplify its logic and avoid possible errors.
  2. Reducing the price and time of writing code, if you do not need a separate adjustment for each platform; the logic will be simple and the user interface minimalistic.

Popular categories of useful applications

Given the current diversity in the market, it is difficult to classify them. But we can conditionally list those that play the role of an auxiliary tool. Although with the proper promotion, they can become an independent project.

For business

Business applications are in different demand depending on the field of activity. In addition to specific ones, there are universal ones that allow any businessperson to competently optimise work processes. Such demanding users are interested in convenient tools with full functionality, with which it will be easy to manage their business. Here are the types of apps that help you run your business:

  • Those that work with office documentation;
  • That save and transfer data;
  • Legal guides;
  • Task planning, time management;
  • Accounting management;
  • Guides for business trips and assignments;
  • Aggregator for business news and events.

For Marketing

Each company has clients and partners with whom it is necessary to establish feedback. Learn more about the needs of your audience by making them users of a unique application. Even simple promotional applications can profitably present new products. You can reach those who have not heard about you through mobile devices. Equip your marketers with these hand-held tools:

  • Blogging;
  • Work with social networks;
  • Image / video processing;
  • Legal senders;
  • Statistics and analytics;
  • News aggregators;
  • All kinds of messengers.

Use for personal purposes

Popularity is achieved by performing the functions people need. Your company can promote its brand through a non-profit application, that is, it can become a marketing tool in itself. Just give the world something really necessary, gaining universal recognition. These types of apps can turn the company into a personal assistant:

  • Educational, developmental, linguistic;
  • Personal, psychological tests;
  • Self-development, motivational programmes;
  • Converters, meters, counters, trackers;
  • Diet or sports programmes;
  • Personal finances, home accounting;
  • Task planners and planned purchases.

Applications are created based on specific needs. When it comes to professional or advertising applications, then usually everything depends on the specifics of your business. But in recent years, it often happens that an application does not supplement the business, but rather, the business is built around it. We are also engaged in such projects, especially if they are large-scale, designed for the international market. Polygant’s developers are committed to translating unique ideas into a quality product. Write to us!

How to make an application popular and earn revenue

Each project is monetised in its own way and has a specific target audience. To make it popular and profitable, you first need to determine:

  1. What users will be interested in this application, and from which country. What they have to buy or what kind of advertising to watch, what they will receive in return for their money and time spent.
  2. Complexity of its realisation. The criterion affects the size, implemented functions and options, the total cost of developing a mobile application. Although not only complex, but also simple products can become profitable.
  3. What bonuses will users receive, how is this project different from competitors. When working out the model, it is necessary to take into account all useful functions.

The benefits depend on the type of activity, as well as the desired result. Startups will be able to conveniently notify investors of goals and current achievements. Companies — create an image. Entertainment and commercial ideas — sell ads or products inside.

Hire experienced developers

If you do not know how to develop and program yourself, you will certainly have to answer the question: what kind of specialist to choose? Do I need to hire employees for the staff, is it worth it to involve single freelancers for remote work? Or is it better to entrust such a responsible business to a turnkey mobile app development company?

Creating your own development department may not be an appropriate solution. Finding freelancers in marketplaces, checking their competence, and then ensuring that they work diligently is also a heavy burden. When a serious approach is needed, quality cannot be neglected, and the process should not stretch out for many months, it is better to turn to professionals like Polygant.

Further support after release

Quickly creating the perfect application is almost impossible. Therefore, developers often use feature-oriented development (or other Agile methodology) to quickly provide core functionality. Agile significantly speeds up the release, helping companies adapt to a changing market.

After launch, if the product is successful, you need to collect feedback, find information about errors, and analyse problems. Afterwards it is necessary to develop and provide new functions in accordance with the information received during the previous stage. Service and support is everything that comes after the official launch.

If you deliver on the result first with Agile, maintenance costs may be higher than prototyping. Many people prefer this methodology when it is necessary to develop a product by proving or refuting the marketing hypothesis, and at the same time earn the first profit almost immediately.

And using the traditional Waterfall methodology, you can calculate the average annual maintenance costs with a fixed percentage: about 15-25% of the total development price. Large companies prefer Waterfall, because their business processes are documented, and management develops marketing, management, and production plans.

Where to find mobile application developers

There is no need to search far and wide — Polygant has been professionally engaged in development and programming for many years. We will create an application for iOS and/or Android that will help customers find you:

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iOS mobile application development

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As well as mobile games
Mobile game development for iOS and Android

Getting down to work, we do not neglect quality due to tight deadlines or budgets. We always try to do things as if we were doing it for ourselves. To find out how much it costs to develop a mobile application, send a request through the contact form.

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