Finance Checker Case Study

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
9 January 2023 Updated on  Обновлено   14 June 2023

Finance Checker


We were approached by a client with the task of developing a mobile application for convenient cost accounting on Android and iOS platforms.

There was no initial data as such, as well as a name, a logo and a general understanding of what set of functions is expected to be seen in the application.

Therefore, our team conducted a deep analysis of the market for the feasibility of releasing an application of this format, as well as an analysis of ready-made similar applications, their functionality, differences, pros and cons.

After the prepared report, the client took a short pause to review and make a decision.

A week later, we signed a contract and launched all processes for the development of a mobile application.

We changed the brand name and blurred out any references in the screenshots so as not to violate the NDA for our client.


  • The app didn’t have a name. You need to come up with a name that matches the format of the application itself. It should be memorable and short, unique.
  • Based on the chosen name, you need to develop a logo and corporate identity.
  • It is necessary to analyze the market, similar applications, identify a set of basic functionality that must be available already on the MVP version, offer a unique functionality, a feature that can be implemented in the next version, or have time to implement it along with the basic functionality, as well as further development and application improvement.
  • Develop applications for iOS and Android mobile devices.


At the first stage, our team began with the development of a technical task, since a correctly drawn up technical task is a fundamental factor in the development of any product, without which it is absolutely impossible to do.

As part of the development of the terms of reference, in addition to the technical description and terms of each of the development stages, it also included mockups – images of various application screens with visualization of the main functionality without taking into account the corporate identity and other graphic elements.

In parallel with the development of the technical task, we also began the process of selecting a suitable name for the application according to the criteria set by the client.

This process is actually very complicated, since coming up with a unique name that takes into account the current reality and that it is memorable, and also reflects the meaning of the application itself is a rather cumbersome job and very responsible.

We have prepared 10 different options for a potential name for the application. All options were designed in a different style, so that in addition to the word itself, it was possible to build on the visual component and, perhaps, to determine corporate colors at this stage.

This was done primarily in order not to stretch the development time, but on the contrary, if possible, to reduce them, which in the future is pleasant both for the client and for us, that the client is satisfied with the whole process.

By the end of writing the terms of reference, we managed to agree and choose with the client the name of the application – Finance Checker, as well as decide on corporate colors.

The total time for the first stage was two and a half weeks.

At the second stage, we needed to prepare and approve app screen layouts, taking into account corporate colors, as well as develop a logo.

It didn’t take us long, so we completed it in one week.

At the third stage, our team needed to prepare an intermediate version of the Finance Checker application for iOS and Android devices with a ready-made layout of one of the application themes (since it is planned to have a light and dark theme) and a minimal set of functionality, such as:

  1. Registration;
  2. Authorization;
  3. Basic budget planning;
  4. Create categories.

Due to the fact that our team started developing the application for Android and iOS devices at the second stage, we successfully completed this task and added in addition:

  • Light and dark theme;
  • Notification of exceeding the spending limit;
  • Automatic distribution of expenses by category;

The completion of the third stage was the testing of intermediate versions, with the above functionality, by the client, which was successful without any complaints.

Finance Checker interface

The fourth and already final stage of development was to provide the client with a completely finished application for Android and iOS devices.

The finished application should include the following set of features:

  1. Registration;
  2. Authorization;
  3. Budget planning;
  4. Create categories;
  5. Notification of exceeding the spending limit;
  6. Automatic distribution of expenses by category;
  7. Formation of reports in the form of visual diagrams;
  8. Reminder of upcoming payments;
  9. Import transactions from banks;
  10. Connecting SMS notifications;
  11. Synchronization with multiple devices;
  12. Maintaining a family budget with a division into general and personal;
  13. Change light and dark theme based on user settings;
    as well as a number of other functions.

In view of the fact that we started developing applications even earlier than the deadline expected by the client, this allowed us to reduce about 20% of the time from the established deadlines for completing the task assigned to us.

Previously, upon completion of development, our testing team did a thorough job of testing all kinds of application functionality and various cases that may arise on Android and iOS devices.

After the successful completion of testing, the Finance Checker application was handed over to the client.

Finance Checker interface

After a short time, we received approval from the client that the applications work perfectly.

This completed the fourth stage and, in general, all the work on the development of a financial accounting application for Android and iOS platforms.

After completing our work, we also helped the client upload Finance Checker applications to the App Store and Google Play, successfully pass verification in the stores and publish applications to the public, and subsequently released several more versions of applications with new features.

Six months after we completed all the work, this client again contacted us to develop a web and desktop version of the application with the ability to synchronize data on any of the devices used, which we successfully completed.


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