Start Your Crypto Business

Your markets, your exchange, on your domain! OpenCEX is an open-source free cryptocurrency exchange engine that connects your business to the blockchain world. Absolutely free!
OpenCEX Features
A simple interface for quick swaps and an advanced exchange interface for professional trading.

The platform will be convenient for any type of user, regardless of their qualifications and user habits.
Quick Start
You don't have to spend time on a "puzzle game" to collect everything in different pieces and debug everything for a long time.

The quick process of deploying an exchange from scratch, thanks to a well-developed and well-established system, will take just a small amount of time.
Flexible Settings
OpenCEX is designed in such a way that it allows flexible settings in different locations. Don't want to use all the cryptocurrencies available? Edit the list, remove unnecessary ones.

You can easily change the commission for withdrawals and deposits, for trading in just one click! And also much more.
Detailed Statistics
See how many new users have registered in the last month, week, day. How many transactions they made. Where in the world did they come from.

A large amount of diverse data will provide you with a complete picture for detailed analysis.
Are you expecting a flow of users on the exchange from several hundred or thousands per day? Lots of trades? Then our solution is perfect for you!

Our solution is designed for high-load projects, so now you don't have to worry about this.
If you care about the reputation of your brand and the safety of data and user funds, then security should come first.

We took care of it. OpenCEX is designed with a high degree of security in mind to keep your reputation safe and secure.
It's very simple!

First of all, you need to make some preparations.

  • Order a virtual or physical server, not below the minimum requirements. You will need full access to this server (root). Shared hosting will not work.
  • Bind the IPv4 address you received when purchasing the server to your domain. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can use or
  • Sign up for a Google account and get reCAPTCHA V2 keys (invisible). (
  • Get the SMTP server credentials for sending emails (any will do, i.e. ).
  • Register a Cryptocompare account ( and create an API key.
  • Register an Infura account ( and create an API key + secret.
  • Register an Etherscan account ( and create an API key.
  • You will need BTC and ETH addresses to collect cryptocurrency deposits (cold addresses). If you don’t have it yet, you can use any multi-currency wallet like Trust Wallet and generate BTC, ETH addresses.

When everything is prepared, SSH into your server as root and run the following command:

mkdir /app ; cd /app/ || exit ; git clone ./deploy ; cd deploy ; chmod +x ; ./ 2>&1 | tee /tmp/install.txt

Installation time ~ 5 minutes.

If something goes wrong you can clean the installation and try again

cd /app/opencex && docker compose down ; rm -rf /app ; docker system prune -a

? Congratulations, the exchange has been successfully installed!
You can open it by your domain name.

Documentation can be found in the OpenCEX Help Center

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