Android Application Development

Android is a multitasking operating system of Linux-based smartphones, tablets, game consoles, laptops, televisions and many other various devices. The system was originally developed by Android Inc, which was later bought by Google. The very appearance of Android has become a sensation. This operating system was able to subjugate the market for smart devices, becoming a clear leader and allowing to create full-fledged handheld computers, which are all modern smartphones and tablets.

Android itself is a very friendly and flexible operating system, a few minutes are enough for an initial acquaintance. It is easily customizable to the needs of users, and a very plentiful number of available applications only contributes to this. It can be fully customized. Do not like the look, icons, ringtone? Just go to Google play, download the desired application and configure everything for yourself, because it does not take much time.

Android Application Development

What languages ​​are Android applications developed in

Creating mobile applications on Android means developing a complex multi-functional product based on the Linux kernel. The development of such applications is one of the very popular areas in programming, given the fact that the market is still growing. The popularity is due to the fact that more than half of all mobile devices in the world work on Android. Various services, games, instant messengers and other applications are being developed for him. Therefore, there are a lot of options for choosing the language in which to develop the application.


The main language for developing Android applications is Java. It can be safely called the official development language, since all official courses and documentation on Android programming are based on it. And the developers themselves note that this powerful language is very convenient for writing mobile applications. Naturally, in addition to the pros, there are also disadvantages  writing such an application in Java requires a lot of experience, because this language has been over 20 years old and the simplicity of working with it has never been its advantage. But without his knowledge it is not possible to achieve any success in this area. When developing in Java for Android, not only Java classes containing code are used, but also manifest files in XML, which provide the system with basic information about the program and automatic build systems Gradle, Maven or Ant, whose commands are written in Groovy, POM and XML respectively.

C #

Object oriented programming language. Developed in 19982001 by a group of Microsoft engineers. It is no less popular language in the development of mobile applications. It included the best of Java and fixed many flaws.


Kotlin is one of the youngest languages ​​that has already earned popularity. The language was officially introduced in May 2017. It allows you to comfortably create native full-fledged Android applications and is positioned by Google as the second official programming language for Android after Java. With its help, or rather with the help of the native IntelliJ IDEA environment, there are absolutely no problems during development. It is compatible with Java and does not cause performance degradation or file size increase.

C / C ++

Google itself essentially provides developers with two environments: an SDK designed to work with JAVA and NDK, where native languages ​​are C and C ++. Of course, it is not possible to write a full-fledged application using only these two languages, but with their help you can create a library that can later be connected to the main body of the application using Java.


The fact that Android does not support the use of Python to create native applications does not mean that you cannot use it. There are a fairly large number of tools that allow you to compile Python code to the required state, and the presence of various libraries will allow you to build even native interfaces in compliance with Material Design guidelines.

Development Environment

The most popular and sought-after development environment for Android is Android Studio  an integrated development environment for working with the Android platform, based on IntelliJ IDEA software. Its features and useful functions can be considered the presence of:

  • Advanced layout editor;
  • Gradle-based application build;
  • Code refactoring;
  • Static code analyzer;
  • Built-in ProGuard;
  • Utility signing utilities;
  • Android Core Layout and Component Templates;
  • Native support for the Google Cloud Platform.

Adding an application to Google Play

In order to publish the application on Google Play, you need to perform several actions:

  1. Create an account on the Google Play Developer Console. In order to publish the application on Google Play, you need a developer account, which is a special type of account with which it is possible to upload applications.
  2. Checkout privacy policy. It should be remembered that you are fully responsible for your product and the content delivered therein, undertake to maintain the confidentiality and security of user data and should not disseminate prohibited context.
  3. Prepare marketing materials.
  4. Ensure assembly with a digital signature certificate. A digital signature is necessary so that Google Play can identify the developer, and in the future only this developer can update / modify the application. In addition, many services, such as the Facebook SDK, Vk SDK and most Google services, are tied to a digital signature.
  5. Set up payment for using the application.
  6. Submit Build on Google Play.

We can develop a mobile application for Android

Using the mobile application for Android, you can attract new customers, keep the current consumer by increasing loyalty and increase the profit of your business, as well as automate business processes.

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