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We offer digital marketing services for your fintech project, whether it is a startup looking to establish itself in a competitive niche, or a brand with an established history and audience that has scaling tasks.

We create a well-functioning marketing mechanism that generates quality traffic and attracts customers, allowing you to focus on other important business objectives. We build an active community around your project or brand with the help of influencers, popular bloggers, PPC ads, major media and other means.

Our professional marketing team helps customers achieve their goals thanks to 10 years of experience and a variety of effective strategies that are adaptable to any fintech business.

Financial technology (fintech) is one of the fastest growing fields in recent years. It’s employed by financial companies and banks via innovative developments. Fintech is also considered to be a partnership between traditional financial companies and technological enterprises.

Fintech companies raised $20.4 billion in 1225 deals during Q2 2022, according to CB Insights. During the same period, 20 new fintech unicorns (startups valued at over $1 billion) have emerged. There are now a total of 297 of them in the world.

You can learn more about financial technologies, types of fintech apps, and their development on a separate page called ‘Fintech Development Services.’

Along with the popularity of the field, the abundance of players on the market and the competition between them, fintech companies have become increasingly faced with other specific obstacles greatly affecting both their success and revenues. But there is a solution that can change the balance of power, which is what we want to talk about below.

What fintech marketing is

Fintech marketing is a separate area of marketing that encompasses all the tools and techniques that a fintech company can use to communicate its brand, build its community, gain customer loyalty, and grow its business. It’s partly based on the same principles as traditional marketing used in other fields. The same goals are achieved as with the aid of traditional marketing, such as the trust of customers, as well as the credibility and reliability of the company.

How to achieve all this? How to earn the trust of potential customers, increase the credibility of the company, and prove its reliability?

This is precisely what fintech marketing does. It must be carried out every day, just as your product is being developed and refined, or new features are being introduced. This work should never be halted, even if your company has already gained credibility and built a community of loyal customers because financial services involve some risk.

Those who don’t use fintech marketing may lose all the fruits of their back-breaking labour. It will be much more difficult for these companies to return to the same level later on. And if they also ruin their reputation and lose some of their clients, they will no longer be able to fix their faltering business.

Financial technology marketing directions

There are several directions of financial technology marketing that combine to help your startup earn a name and reputation for itself, as well as build up a community if you are just entering the market. The core directions need to be developed even if your company is far from being a beginner, but also wants to increase brand awareness, improve its reputation, or attract new customers.

We recommend the following 8 work directions for your financial technology or cryptocurrency business.

Community management

Community management

This is the formation, development, and maintenance of a community of individuals united by common interests or goals. It’s a way for businesses to interact with clients through a network in which all participants can communicate, share information, and feel connected to the company.

The main task here is to build up a community focused on your fintech project or product on social media channels. It will attract new customers, as well as help to determine fundamental values and understand the needs of your target audience.

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Reputation marketing

Reputation marketing

This is the creation, promotion, and monitoring of positive content concerning your fintech brand or company in the media and on social media. It includes the following 6 types of content:

  1. Opinions, comments, and ratings on review websites.
  2. Articles on authoritative, thematic, and local websites.
  3. Small texts in the ‘user shares experience with future users’ format on social media networks.
  4. Product reviews on selected platforms.
  5. Videos with direct or hidden advertising.
  6. Video reviews on YouTube and other video platforms.

The main task here is to post positive content about your brand from third parties on various social networks, media platforms, and online forums. It will help improve your online reputation.

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Influencer marketing

Influence marketing

This is the promotion of your brand or product via popular bloggers on social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram. These authoritative figures are called influencers or opinion leaders because they are recognized by hundreds of thousands of followers. Therefore, they can influence the audience through calls to action and content.

The main task here is to collaborate with influential bloggers, provide ready-made or create content together containing a product review. It will help expand your brand’s reach on social media networks, attract an audience, tell everyone who you are, what you do, as well as what your product’s goals and prospects are.

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Creating content

Content creation

This is the generation of thematic ideas that your community, clients, users, or potential buyers like, the presentation of these ideas in text or graphic form, and the publication of this information in a convenient format.

The purpose of content creation is to attract new and repeat customers. With this, you introduce the brand to the audience and provide readers with information that will motivate them to buy your product.

High-quality content helps to solve such tasks as:

  • Standing out as an authoritative opinion leader
  • Showing off your company’s expertise
  • Enlarging your audience
  • Increasing traffic to the website
  • Attracting new subscribers on your social media channels
  • Engaging customers in terms of interaction.

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PR materials in the media

PR articles in the media

This is a means to increase brand awareness and create a reputation for a company that employs professionals. By learning more about a new fintech company and getting to know its employees, customers begin to trust the brand. This has a positive effect on sales volumes.

High-quality PR articles help to solve such tasks as:

  • Increasing traffic to a website or social media channels by attracting readers of a well-known online publication there
  • Improving brand awareness so that during launch people already know about the company’s existence
  • Receiving requests and leads for further conversion into sales.

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This is optimization for search engines and promotion on them, which are carried out to improve the website’s position on SERPs for particular queries and get more organic traffic. SEO is a rational way to increase the awareness of your target audience about your cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, DeFi, dApp, or crypto wallet. It will help your website acquire credibility and trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

An effective SEO strategy will allow you to:

  • Increase traffic and conversions on the website
  • Build a growth system for your project
  • Bring the website to the first SERP.

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PPC ads

PPC ads

This marketing channel has been restricted since 2018, when Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter banned everything concerning cryptocurrencies from being placed in their ad networks. In 2021, Google and Facebook revised their policies and removed the ban on paid advertising for some cryptocurrency products and services, but imposed strict requirements for them, including the need to provide a licence.

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Airdrop campaigns

Cryptocurrency airdrops

This is a free distribution of coins or tokens that a crypto project conducts to attract an audience and increase interest in it. By giving away a certain supply of tokens, the organisers use them as promo flyers. This allows you to save a little on marketing, which is necessary when launching. It will additionally increase demand for the new cryptocurrency.

Airdrop also helps to stimulate your community. The emergence of a new cryptocurrency given out for free will arouse interest in the project. Those intrigued will begin looking for detailed information about the development, follow updates and roadmap progress, and will also start trading their received tokens on exchanges.

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Necessity of all work directions

Each of the aforementioned directions fulfils their mission in the overall formation of the company’s recognition and reputation, as well as in creating positive public opinion. To achieve this, you need to carry out a lot of quality work, while possessing a deep understanding of a set of actions, responsibilities, and different processes.

Let’s take the first direction, that is, community management. Here you need to perform the following tasks every day:

  • Form a community
  • Communicate with participants and those active in it
  • Monitor and analyse the mood
  • Support advocates and assist participants
  • Handle with objections and neutralise anything negative
  • Enhance your brand identity on the web
  • Spread the company’s philosophy
  • Monitor industry trends and keywords
  • Invite participants to company events.

Nine time-consuming tasks were accumulated in one direction alone, each one of which is necessary to achieve a common goal. In addition, each one has its own subtleties, without knowing which could complicate your work on marketing financial technologies in the future.

Let’s say that the monitoring of the mood in the community is carried out improperly and carelessly, and working with objections causes only negative feelings amongst participants. This will lead to frustrated members no longer using your product, with some writing negative reviews about you everywhere. In this way, you could lose the potential customers that those same community members could have attracted if they were happy.

Please note that you need to work out each direction thoroughly and competently, not just somehow. If you are entering the market with your fintech product for the first time, then you should use almost all these directions simultaneously. After all, the reputation that you form at the very beginning will affect your company’s development.

Effective crypto project marketing by professionals

The success of a fintech or crypto project depends on who and how well is marketing it. You, therefore, need to choose marketers carefully.

If you contact amateur freelancers, then most likely they will stretch out the work for months, and in the end they will still do it poorly. In addition, you first need to find them on freelance marketplaces, check out suitable candidates, form a team of at least 8 people, one for each direction. Then someone will have to coordinate their actions, and this is another person for the role of team lead. Low-quality marketing will lead to poor performance and damage to your business reputation. It will also increase the cost of redoing the work later on when a deteriorating situation has to be corrected.

We believe that such important work can only be entrusted to a professional team that has experience in marketing, understands financial technologies, and acts in concert (often under the guidance of their team lead). It will definitely create a positive brand image, increase confidence in your product, and attract new customers.

An effective process for cryptocurrency project marketing looks like:

  1. Analysis of your company, project, and product. Further work will depend on how carefully and in what detail it is carried out.
  2. Drawing up terms of reference (ToR). It indicates the stages and types of work to be carried out, with their costs calculated.
  3. Agreeing upon terms.
  4. Launching marketing work.

You can try to do the analysis and write the ToR yourself if you have the relevant experience, or order them. And if you have any difficulties, then we could carry out these for you, regardless of who will be later involved in your marketing.

Polygant has been working with fintech, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies for 10 years, so our specialists are competent in crypto project marketing. Write to us on Telegram or via the contact form to discuss more about how we can help promote your project.

Service Testimonials

We recently launched a crypto exchange and knew that effective online marketing would be the key to our success. Therefore, we turned to the Polygant team for help. Their team of experts has developed a comprehensive strategy that includes a range of tactics from social media advertising to email marketing. The campaign was a huge success and as a result we saw a significant increase in both traffic and user registrations. I highly recommend Polygant for any digital marketing needs, especially in the crypto space.

Mike Donovan

When we planned to launch our token, we initially understood that influencers would be a key part of our promotion strategy. Therefore, we turned to Polygant for help. Their team has extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of how to effectively reach our target audience through partnerships with LOMs. They were able to identify and attract bloggers with huge audiences and the campaign was a huge success. I highly recommend Polygant to anyone who wants to harness the power of influencers in the crypto space.

Alex Kane
Finrex Token

We are a traditional financial institution and are just entering the world of cryptocurrencies. We understand that we need a strong PR strategy to deliver our message effectively and build trust in this space. Therefore, we turned to Polygant for help. Their team has extensive experience in the crypto industry and a deep understanding of the media landscape. They have been instrumental in positioning us as thought leaders and have helped us secure top-tier media exposure. We are very pleased with the results of our partnership with Polygant and highly recommend their public relations services to any business looking to succeed in the crypto world.

Vladimir Michurin
Fin.Opinion State