Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Development Company

We will develop a trading bot for any exchange or brokerage firm. We will automate a trading strategy to free your time from this process and direct it to other important tasks.

We offer optimal solutions for the tasks and goals set, we listen and hear our client, as well as do the work on time.

Human participation in many processes is no longer necessary, as it can be replaced by automated systems. Their purpose is performance and quality improvement due to the fact that automatic processes are more stable than manual ones. They also allow us to increase speed and accuracy of operations, to reduce execution time and cost. Automation has rapidly facilitated simpler exchange trading in the financial sector.

Trading automation

Traders used to place orders using a landline phone and monitor quotes in newspapers. With computerisation came the first trading software followed by online trading. The staggering rise in the speed and amount of information made it difficult for people to trade on exchanges manually. Therefore, the automation of operations is a necessary measure caused by large volumes of data, which is not possible to process manually in order to make a timely decision.

Nowadays traders use algorithms and programs. Ready-made tools become essential for beginners. Amateurs can follow set rules without losing money or sanity due to inexperience. Those tools provide even more benefits to investment and hedge funds, where managers have no room for mistakes. Being an experienced trading software developer, Polygant offers customised solutions for those working in various financial markets:

  • Stock market
  • Foreign exchange market
  • Commodity market
  • Derivatives market
  • Cryptocurrency market.

We are ready to start the first stage today — the terms of reference for the software development. And after discussing the details, we will begin its implementation.

Development of trading bots (automated trading systems)

Fear and greed are emotions that tend to impact trading and cause traders to blow up their accounts. Traders undergoing emotional stress are susceptible to overtrading, oversitting on losses, and premature closing of positions. Trading bots (also known as trading robots or automated trading systems) are designed to protect people from these problems.

Trading bots are programs that automatically follow a trading strategy set by the user. Their decision to buy or sell an asset is based on algorithms that analyse and interpret market data: trading volumes, number of orders, prices, and time. Bots are a vital trading tool. They are capable of analysing the market and executing according to a given data set.

Bots spare people from tedious operations, stick to an established strategy, and instantly react to market trends. They heavily facilitate the work of day traders and scalpers. Another benefit of using trading bots is that they process a large number of parameters simultaneously. No human could pull such a task off quickly and without unnecessary losses.

What bots traders need

Working the exchange around the clock, bots can execute many more trades than a human could. For instance, bots cover almost half of all transactions processed on the London Stock Exchange. There are already many algorithmic funds in the world that trade profitably thanks to bots. Bots boost the efficiency of a portfolio manager, and their autonomy and flexibility of settings for any market determine trading success. They can be configured for different modes of operation:

  1. Signalling the right time to buy or sell, when the user only needs to decide whether to make a deal on this signal or not.
  2. Automatic mode, in which the bot will trade on its own, and the user only needs to check the results of its work.

Custom-made trading bots are developed with specific features necessary for selecting favourable solutions. They identify signals that help to determine whether to trade or wait. Bots ferret out profitable trades even at low volatility when it is difficult to gauge the trend direction. Their algorithms are capable of making a profit on every trade, even if they are few. When a level breakout occurs, bots are the first to take advantage of the situation and capture maximum potential from it. Such perceptive assistants can be safely entrusted with trend detection.

The development of an automated trading system requires knowledge and skills in two areas at once — programming and exchange trading. Our programmers, along with traders, have been developing custom-made trading bots for 10 years. We can create a trading bot for any exchange and for popular terminals:

  • cTrader
  • MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • NinjaTrader
  • Quik
  • Web platforms.

The cost of creating a trading bot (automated trading system) starts at 5000 USD.

Polygant develops custom solutions with the necessary features needed to trade through certain brokers. Contact us to discuss ordering a trading bot.

Trading bot for Interactive Brokers

Trading bot for IBKR

Interactive Brokers is an American brokerage firm that executes trades across 135 markets in 33 countries. It conducts transactions with securities, foreign currencies, commodities, and various derivatives. It is the largest brokerage firm by number of daily transactions and average daily profit. It was ranked the #1 online broker by six different reviewers in 2019 and 2020.

Do you want to make money in the North American, European, and Asian markets? Are you ready for big trades in global markets? Then Interactive Brokers will be your most useful guide with a variety of benefits. Interactive Brokers:

  • Is more reliable than many banks and brokers
  • Insures client’s securities and money
  • Is simple and fast to open an account
  • Can provide a service free of charge (subject to certain conditions)
  • Pays interest for keeping money in the account
  • Checks and analyses trades in real time
  • Cooperates with banks that allow deposit and withdrawal for free.

Unlike a person trading, bots are not vulnerable to the human factor. But where can you get this kind of bot? You can look for free options, but they are limited in functionality, and there is no guarantee that it is not a scam. You can buy a ready-made bot, but it would not meet all your requirements. The best option is to develop a trading bot adapted for individual needs, precisely for trading using the specific application programming interface (API) of Interactive Brokers:

  1. The Client Portal API is a REST API for trading, monitoring, and managing your account. It provides easy integration and access to account and subaccount data, FYI messages, and more.
  2. The Trader Workstation API is a powerful interface for automating your trading strategies, requesting market data, and monitoring your account balance and portfolio in real time.

Trading bot API for IBKR

Developing a bot for Interactive Brokers

A bot for IBKR effectively determines market trends and scans the market looking for opportunities with greater levels of accuracy than humans. Then it creates orders and enters or exits trades automatically while reducing the probability of losses. Here are even more things a bot can do:

  • Trade from multiple accounts at the same time
  • Automatically stick to one or several strategies
  • If an order is cancelled, the bot will place it again once possible
  • If an order is partially performed, the bot will place an order to close the executed volume
  • Place various exit orders, including stop loss, temporary stop, trailing stop, and others
  • Automatically conduct grid trading at set intervals
  • Open different positions (long, short, long-short)
  • Scale positions by the amount and price set by you
  • Create, optimise, and diversify portfolios
  • Send notifications by email, messenger, on the screen of your PC or mobile device.

Private traders, investment advisers, hedge fund managers receive the following benefits from a bot for IBKR:

  • A simple way to start automated trading
  • Full control over how assets are traded via the bot
  • Continuous monitoring of the account status to react quickly to changes (risk management).

And this is only a partial list of its features and benefits. To increase profits from trading through IBKR, we recommend ordering a trading bot from us. This automated software is specially designed for productivity trading. With its help, you can profitably trade any financial instruments through IBKR.

Development of trading terminals (electronic trading platforms)

Trading software has been serving financial market participants for the past three decades. At first, they were only used by hedge funds due to the prohibitive cost, but global computerisation has made trading software available to private traders and brokers. Now any professional can buy a ready-made application or order a trading terminal for various exchanges with key functions to facilitate trading.

A trading terminal is software that displays market data and facilitates trades. At the same time, it is not an exchange, as it only provides advanced features for connecting to an exchange. The terminal processes data collected, compiles charts and reports based on that data, puts the necessary parameters into indicators, and more.

Terminals need to be compatible with certain exchanges. Recommended and supported programs are usually listed on the website of each exchange. To start trading, you need to create an account and connect to the exchange via the API, which can be integrated into the application. After integration, this application becomes capable of processing data from the connected exchange.

What terminals traders need

Terminals are also known as electronic trading platforms. Before broadband Internet came along, they were mostly desktop programs. Online platforms are commonly used nowadays, along with mobile trading applications that have basic functions of the platform. When choosing a terminal, experienced traders consider the following characteristics:

  1. Maximum tools for trading and analysis.
  2. Tuning of various parameters.
  3. Installation on different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).
  4. Adjusting the interface to accommodate their preferences.

A terminal for trading currencies, securities, commodities, cryptocurrencies is used by traders who need a complete technical analysis, as the difference between it and the exchange structure is significant. High-quality terminals contain a variety of tools for technical analysis and market monitoring.

The custom-designed trading terminal is easy to master and configure in your own way, and then immediately start trading. The trader can select any necessary tools, adjust them, connect additional plugins, or disable unnecessary functions.

The cost of creating a trading terminal (electronic trading platform) starts at 10,000 USD.

Polygant has been researching and developing trading software for 10 years. If you want us to share our best practices or discuss something specific, send your questions via Telegram. We will help you create an automatic tool for making a profit.

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