NOXE BANK Case Study

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
7 April 2023 Updated on  Обновлено   14 June 2023


Noxe Bank is a commercial bank focused entirely on remote customer service. The main products for individuals are credit and debit cards, as well as deposits. For legal entities, the bank provides corporate and payroll cards, acquiring and other services.


Tasks and goals

The customer’s request was to develop a mobile application for a bank that was supposed to enter the market in the near future.

They already had a corporate identity developed, they had an idea to become a large bank that would fully serve their customers remotely, and a business plan was drawn up, but they did not have a highly qualified team to develop the application, so they turned to us.

Our team was given the following tasks:

  • Conduct market analysis of mobile banking applications;
  • Identify the main pros, cons and bottlenecks of similar applications;
  • Design an intuitive user interface based on the analysis carried out, implement only the required functionality into it;
  • Develop a mobile application for iOS and Android devices;
  • Release applications to the public in 12 months.



Before starting the development of a mobile application, we conducted a detailed analysis of the market and possible competitors.

This helped identify user requirements for similar banking applications, understand what features need to be implemented, and how to stand out from competitors in order to develop the best product in this area.

Based on this analysis, our team identified various shortcomings in the implementation of similar mobile applications by competitors and avoided them when developing the Noxe Bank mobile application.

We emphasized that the design should be modern, intuitive and uncluttered.

The functionality should include all the basic features that users may need for remote customer service, such as:

  • access to accounts;
  • funds transfers;
  • issue of bank cards;
  • blocking and freezing of a bank card, account;
  • financial analysis;
  • convenient chat for contacting technical support;
  • spendings analysis;
  • detailed information on transactions;
  • the option to make a quick payment using a QR code.


Application screens


App access

Quick and secure access to the application is possible using Face ID or a set 4-digit PIN code. Prevents unauthorized access by third parties to the user’s finances.


Home screen

No excessive functional and graphic elements. Only Accounts, cards, recent transfers and transactions in quick access. Everything is intuitive, not overloaded.


Spending analysis

Information on spending per day, week or month is shown in a visual diagram with a list of transactions. All expenses are divided into categories for the possibility of analysis.



The task of developing a mobile application for Noxe Bank was successfully completed within the timeframe agreed with the client – 6 months.

  • Conducted an analysis of the market for mobile banking applications;
  • Developed the terms of reference;
  • Made User Story and Customer Journey Map;
  • Developed a design;
  • Conducted large-scale pre-release testing of the mobile application;
  • Implemented a mobile application for iOS and Android devices with the following functionality:
    • Opening and monitoring deposits, cards, accounts and loans for individuals;
    • Opening accounts for legal entities;
    • Checking the history of completed transactions;
    • Making transfers between accounts;
    • Spending analysis;
    • Financial analysis;
    • Payment for various services, such as utility bills, Internet, mobile communications and others;
    • Communication with technical support;
    • Loyalty program and cashback for completed transactions;
    • Blocking and freezing of cards, accounts;
    • Payment by QR code
    • Authorization by Face ID or PIN code.
  • Placed a mobile application on Google Play and the App Store.

The client was completely satisfied with our work, strict adherence to deadlines and a professional approach to the task.


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