Smart Home Logic App Case Study

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
2 May 2023 Updated on  Обновлено   14 June 2023

Smart Home Logic is a company specializing in the production of components for smart devices for smart home control. At the time of contacting us, the company produced various smart devices, but did not have its own well-designed mobile control application.


Tasks and goals

The customer approached us with the task of developing a mobile application for managing an integrated smart home system.

For SHL, this was a priority in business development, since for 3 years they were only engaged in the production of various devices under the brands of other companies and used their own software.

Therefore, they decided to develop their own mobile application, which was supposed to help achieve two rather important goals:

  1. Increase the profitability of the company;
  2. Attract retail customers.


We conducted an analysis of the market for smart home control mobile applications and studied the needs of the target audience. During the work on the project, our team was able to determine the main requirements that the target audience imposes on such applications. We also learned which UI elements to avoid and developed many user scenarios to create the most appropriate “User flow”.

Our team paid great attention to making the design of the application as clear and simple as possible, while having unique features and matching the company’s corporate colors. We wanted to create a connection between the functionality of the application and its design, so that users can quickly and easily learn it, as well as use it without any difficulties.

The following features were provided for the mobile application:

  • Registering a new account, including using a Gmail account;
  • Viewing videos transmitted by surveillance cameras;
  • Intercom control via smartphone;
  • Energy consumption monitoring;
  • Control of various devices connected to the smart home system;
  • Online technical support for various issues.


Application screens

Access control

The interface we have developed for adding new users to the smart home control system is fast and understandable. Users with owner rights can easily edit the access rights of new users and deactivate added accounts.

Device management

Our application provides convenient and easy control of all smart devices connected to the smart home system.


The task of developing the Smart Home Logic App mobile application was completed within the timeframe agreed with the client – 4 months.

  • Conducted a deep analysis of the market for similar mobile applications;
  • Conducted a study of the target audience;
  • Developed terms of reference:
  • Made User Story and Customer Journey Map;
  • Developed a design;
  • Conducted pre-release testing;
  • Developed a mobile application for iOS and Android devices:
    • Registration of a new account, including using a Gmail account;
    • Lighting control;
    • Intercom control, door locks;
    • Management and viewing of video from surveillance cameras;
    • Control of the air conditioning system;
    • Control of various other devices such as TV, projectors, microwave ovens, etc.;
    • Adding new users to the system;
    • Editing the rights of new users, deactivating accounts;
    • Online technical support;
    • Display of temperature and humidity in the premises;
    • Display of the total energy consumed.
  • Released mobile app to App Store and Google Play. 


The client was completely satisfied with our work, strict adherence to deadlines and a professional approach to the task.


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