E-Taxi App Case Study

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
2 May 2023 Updated on  Обновлено   14 June 2023

E-Taxi is a US company that provides taxi services. At the time of contacting us, the company was a start-up that received a grant from the government to create one of the first eco-friendly taxi services that will use only electric cars.


Tasks and goals

The customer approached us with the task of developing a mobile application for a taxi service.

E-Taxi had a very limited time to develop the application, since having received a grant to create an environmentally friendly service for the provision of passenger transportation services, they had to launch in 3 months, taking into account the development of the application itself, its testing and the parallel purchase of cars and hiring drivers.


The customer set the following tasks for our team:

  • The service must be equally functional for drivers, passengers and company administrators;
  • For passengers, the service should work on iOS and Android platforms;
  • It should be possible to choose a taxi according to various criteria, including the brand of car, the presence of a child seat, transportation of animals, etc.;
  • The maximum time during which it is necessary to give an answer to a passenger in search of the nearest taxi should be no more than 20 seconds;
  • Make an admin panel.

The main goal of this application was to fully automate the business process and implement all the actions to find a free car, order, make a payment, etc. in a mobile application.



To make the service equally functional for both drivers and passengers and the company administrator, we needed to quickly conduct a deep analysis of similar mobile applications and services in order to:

  • Develop the most successful user scenario for using the application,
  • Understand what functionality is most in demand by drivers and how best to implement it in order to automate the work process as much as possible;
  • Compose the main data set for the most understandable and simple display in the admin panel.


For the functionality of the mobile application, the following features were provided:

  • Registration in the application using a mobile phone;
  • Search for a free car;
  • Formation and display of the route for both the driver and the user;
  • Travel payment;
  • Formation of a check;
  • Online technical support in real time, both for the driver and for the passenger


Application screens

Taxi Search

The interface developed by us is convenient and clear. It takes less than 20 seconds to find a car according to the required criteria.

Adding bank cards

To make automatic debits for using a taxi, we have added the ability to link several bank cards. Literally in one minute you can link a card and do not worry about payment.



The task of developing the E-Taxi mobile application was completed within the timeframe agreed with the client – 3 months:

  • Conducted a deep analysis of similar mobile applications and services;
  • Developed the most successful user scenario for using the application;
  • Developed terms of reference
  • Developed a design;
  • Developed a mobile application for iOS and Android;
  • Released the app on the App Store and Google Play.


The client was completely satisfied with our work, strict adherence to deadlines and a professional approach to the task.


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