How Does Artificial Intelligence Change Traditional Marketing?

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
13 September 2019 Updated on  Обновлено   1 February 2023

Artificial intelligence changes the world we live in and affects all areas of our lives. It keeps our mailboxes free from spam. It knows what series we may like. It can predict health problems that may arise in the future so that we can take measures to prevent them.

Artificial intelligence also changes our career. This technology facilitates the work of people in healthcare, finance, and security. Of course, AI cannot completely replace all human capabilities in any profession, but it changes the way we work.

Artificial Intelligence changes marketing

Marketing is one of the areas strongly affected by artificial Intelligence. AI has three features that are useful for traditional marketing. Using these features, you can not only save the job but also succeed in it.

1. Artificial intelligence processes any big data

We live in the age of big data. We know more about people, their habits, their personalities, and everything else. But all this data is useless if we do nothing with it. Of course, before taking any action, we must understand the data. ML-based algorithms organise, analyse, and accurately determine the real value of information. This helps marketers instantly make informed decisions that can positively impact company profits.

Now marketers can spend a few seconds on things that used to take a lot of time. For example, AI can assist them in scrupulous work with spreadsheets, studying consumers, segmenting them into groups, and conducting lengthy customer surveys.

Knowledge without action will not help you in the world of sales and marketing. For marketers, artificial intelligence makes a complete overview of the target audience, as well as a psychological analysis of customer behaviour, their preferences, and individual qualities. When it comes to shopping, you need to know everything about customers.

2. Artificial intelligence automates routine tasks

AI frees up the time for marketers to focus on creative and critical thinking. Routine tasks like manually entering data into complicated spreadsheets, creating detailed diagrams and analysis, and even developing email marketing and SMM strategies has now become easier and faster due to artificial intelligence and automation.

Henceforth, marketers can devote more time to learning new techniques, attending conferences and events. This will help them expand their knowledge and keep abreast of new trends. The only way to maintain your significance in the world of AI is to learn how to work with this technology and make it your assistant.

Automation of marketing using artificial intelligence ensures true communication with customers. By focusing on such things as personal events, interaction on social networks, and providing customer support, a company will minimise the outflow of customers while increasing brand adherence.

3. AI helps marketers communicate with their target audience

Thanks to AI, it has become much easier for companies to sell their products to consumers. Customers keep their preferences in every application they use, and every time they buy something on the Internet. They reap the benefits of artificial intelligence, allowing AI to propose suitable products based on the analysed information.

Although AI technology certainly makes life easier for consumers, it helps marketers even more. Marketing managers use everything from chatbots with enhanced artificial intelligence to smart email campaigns and automatic content generation.

AI can never replace true human interaction since nothing makes customers more loyal than the impression of friendly relations with a company that cares about them. Nevertheless, AI can also help advance and strengthen this relationship.

Surely, there will be more changes as technology is evolving rapidly. Studying artificial intelligence due to its ability to perform marketing tasks is the key to your future success as a marketer.


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