How Artificial Intelligence Will Change by the End of 2019

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
2 August 2019 Updated on  Обновлено   1 February 2023

Artificial Intelligence has become the most popular technological concept in 2018. However, according to the statistics, 2019 year will make this technology more substantial. AI was embedded into all the devices and on many sites in the first half of the year. And that was just the beginning.

how will Artificial Intelligence change

AI technology in 2019

What will we expect from the second half of this year?

The number of chatbots will increase, and they will resemble people

Many companies have been using chatbots for several years, but customer service based on artificial intelligence will become more complex and quality this year. Chatbots will not only become smarter but also get a face and voice. While the human face and speech make communication with participants more enjoyable, most of us hope that the main achievement will be their ability to solve problems more effectively.

The quality of speech recognition will improve

Digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri already have impressive combination of skills. Now it is expected that speech recognition will be integrated into other services.

Thanks to AI, you can search the Internet, manage your time and schedule, and make purchases using voice commands. The range of devices that can be controlled in this way is constantly expanding. Voice control is now available for lightning system, television, sound systems, cars, and even for kitchen appliances.

The value of voice assistants is explained by advances in Natural Language Processing. Given the fact that more data is being analysed and studied, the machines will be much better able to understand complex issues, recognize subtext and almost completely imitate people.

Face and object recognition will enhance security

Using applications such as Google Lens, your mobile phone is able to recognize objects and provide real-time information. Face recognition of the owner is the latest method of providing access to smartphones.

China’s law enforcement agencies have started to use face recognition and face detection mechanisms that allow them to obtain location data, names, contacts, addresses from mobile devices. Such data will increasingly be used in court as evidence.

You can’t trust what you see

Image manipulation is probably a much bigger problem than image recognition. Graphic designers, animators, and character creators will be able to portray people and objects with perfect realism. It can even more complicate the life of many celebrities, who have been already suffering from other technologies, including Photoshop.

Artificial Intelligence will change in 2019

AI will treat and save people’s lives no worse than doctors do

While the latest consumer devices have new intelligent features, the biggest profit that people can get from artificial intelligence in the second half of 2019 may be to save lives or at least improve health through machine learning. Huge corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft spend a lot of resources on developing digital technologies for healthcare. The basic philosophy is that prevention is better than cure, and much of the diagnostic effort can be invested in computers.

To be well-informed in the doctor speciality, he has to spend around 160 hours a week learning about new discoveries and progress. Artificial Intelligence can do it in a flash. Moreover, it can search and analyse the medical records of millions of patients at high speed, and identify linkages between symptom and disease, leading to the highest accuracy of diagnosis. AI can also effectively scan the retina in order to recognize early symptoms of blindness. And even help paralysed people speak again.


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