Blockchain Is an Assistant of Artificial Intelligence

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
26 April 2019 Updated on  Обновлено   1 February 2023

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is more frequently applied in many areas of life and business. AI has made a revolutionary breakthrough and affected associated technologies. The speed of innovations in conjunction with wide distribution is increasing.

Artificial Intelligence is not just a new trend, but a useful tool and a necessary element of the activities of people and companies. However, first of all, it is necessary to solve some issues before broadly introducing this technology everywhere. The advancement of AI has brought new challenges as well as promising expectations. And then the Blockchain, a younger technology, can come to the rescue. It is blockchain that can uncover the full potential of the capabilities that are inherent in AI-based apps.

AI-based apps

Improving data quality

Data is the basis of systems built on Artificial Intelligence. It is very important to observe their quality. The final data, obtained as a result of processing by Machine Learning algorithms, is suitable for further application in case the incoming information was accurate. The quality can be assured with proper structuring and protection of data storage and transmission processes.

The perfect decision may be the use of public blockchains. Blockchain technology protects and distributes data, and also allows users to track its transmission. The data, at the same time, isn’t controlled by external organizations. Public blockchains will become superhighways for users’ data, since they can provide free movement through channels in AI models. In addition, Blockchain can provide Artificial Intelligence algorithms with accountability and structure, that will improve the results of their work.

Decreasing computing costs

The amount of data collected and processed by organizations is constantly increasing. The shortage of computing power is also growing. Corporations like Microsoft and Amazon are overpricing their products, which makes regular organizations pay a lot more for the ability to store and accumulate data. Excessive prices stop the progress of innovation. It turns out that large suppliers control the pace of innovative development.

Using Blockchain technology is supposed to help in creating a decentralized market of computing power that is necessary for Machine Learning. Owners of required power, such as miners, will be able to share their resources with projects working in AI sphere. The introduction of distributed ledger technology will provide access to dispersed worldwide graphics cards and data storage devices to these companies. Thus, the use of Blockchain will accelerate the development of AI systems by using additional computing power.

Increasing computing power

The development of Deep Learning algorithms requires increasing power. Its increase is indispensable for the creation of Neural Networks too. The use of Blockchain technology will help many directions of AI.

Large investments usually come to data centres. There are central processors that are used to perform Machine Learning tasks. But in fact, the mass deployment of data centres doesn’t solve the problem.

The distributed ledger technology easily would be able to provide AI systems with the required power. In addition, GPUs can cope with the tasks better than CPUs. And now blockchain projects began to connect to P2P networks to enable all members to rent resources from each other. So users will gradually stop using the services of centralized cloud providers, unwilling to be limited by their private networks.

Blockchain technology

Help is on the way

Blockchain has many advantages and is able to become the basis of AI infrastructure. It can even tokenize computing power that will lead to better development of Artificial Intelligence. Using the shared resources of P2P network members is the right solution that will allow providing big AI systems with sufficient power. This approach looks long-term and viable, combining the two most advanced technologies: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


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