5 Applications and Services Every Crypto Trader Must Have

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
21 July 2018 Updated on  Обновлено   1 February 2023

At the moment, there are hundreds of applications designed for working with cryptocurrency. Most of them can be useful for any crypto trader. The most relevant and necessary tools are presented in the list below.

Blockchain Wallet app

Blockchain Wallet

It is available on such platforms as Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Blockchain.info is undoubtedly the most famous developer of bitcoin wallet. Every day, Blockchain Wallet processes over 160 thousand transactions made by over 18 million users around the globe. The type of commission is dynamic and depends solely on the user. If it is less, the waiting time for the transaction is longer.

The service can store crypto assets, which is perfectly consistent with the current period of decline in the cryptocurrency market. On the servers, all information about the wallets is stored in encrypted form, but the user can take it.

CryptoCompare service


It is available on Windows and macOS desktop platforms.

This service is intended to monitor the cryptocurrency market in real time. It collects data from almost 30 major exchanges. In addition to monitoring, it is both a social network and a forum, which has various analytical tools and allows you to read various reviews about cryptocurrencies and the service itself. It also compares the equipment for mining, tariffs, and other characteristics.

TabTrader app


It is available on mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

This is a tracker exchange and a trading terminal. Here you can also read a variety of news. It is used by more than 300 thousand traders around the planet.

Access to the exchange’s deposits is provided by a special API key, which is generated on the exchange itself. Once it is entered into the TabTrader, the user can trade using the mobile interface. The trading takes place on the exchange servers, service doesn’t store user API. This approach guarantees the storage of digital assets on the exchange, and not in the application itself, which significantly increases the level of overall security.

The service can search for currency pairs using the end-to-end method. This allows you to compare the price of crypto coins between different exchanges, which creates the right conditions for arbitrage. The application supports charts and professional analytical indicators.

3commas service


It is available on such platforms as Windows and macOS.

This online terminal is designed for the management of cryptocurrency portfolio. It allows you to automate trading and monitor the necessary markets. You can connect trading accounts for 6 exchanges via API. Exchanges to which you can connect are Binance, Bitstamp, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and Bittrex. Ethereum Wallet is also accepted. The application has a rating of traders, so the beginners can navigate and choose the most profitable strategy.

The uniqueness of the platform lies in the possibility of the planned sale of cryptocurrency by placing TakeProfit and StopLoss orders at the same time. This mechanism is a massive advantage of the system since it allows you to minimise risks in case of unexpected failures in the market. Cryptocurrency exchanges, in turn, don’t provide such a tool to their users.

Bitcoin Checker app

Bitcoin Checker

It is available only on the Android platform.

This is an aggregator of prices for trading pairs from more than 80 cryptocurrency exchanges. The app is easy to customise. It is often used as a widget. The developers of the checker themselves are betting on design.

Since the application is supported by donations, thrifty crypto traders won’t be saddled with this free tool.


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