What If Artificial Intelligence Does Not Help Your Business? Fix It!

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
28 August 2019 Updated on  Обновлено   1 February 2023

You have certainly heard a lot that artificial intelligence helps to increase sales, raise the quality of customer service to a new level, improve marketing, and reduce operating costs. So you decided to implement it in your own business but the results were far from expected. What could have gone wrong and what to do now?

Artificial Intelligence helps business

You do not understand what artificial intelligence can do

Few people actually know what AI can do for them. Most people think that once they present a problem to AI, it will immediately solve it on its own. But it is not the way AI works. The truth is that artificial intelligence will not solve your problem as long as you do not define it clearly and accurately. As soon as you understand and identify the problem you need to solve, provide the machine with an action plan.

So you need to find time to figure out how AI works as you should first understand what it can do for you. Otherwise, do not wait for a positive outcome. The fact is that each problem requires an individual approach and various data sets to obtain meaningful results. Getting results from artificial intelligence is pretty simple but you have to spend time explaining to AI what you want from it.

You are trying to use artificial intelligence everywhere

AI can really help improve all aspects of a business but it does not mean that you should use it everywhere. Why is that so? Using this technology is expensive and complicated. If you implement it everywhere, even where it is not necessary, it is highly likely that you will fail and waste your money.

So what should you do? How to boost your chances of success?

The answer is simple: before you learn to walk, you first need to learn how to crawl. So start small. Once you can successfully implement AI in one aspect of your business, move on. If you want artificial intelligence to be productive for you, use it wisely.

You think that AI will work on its own

Many owners believe that once AI is implemented in all areas of their business, it will become an ‘ideal employee’ that does not even need to be managed. But is artificial intelligence smart enough to work without human supervision and intervention? Not yet! If you exclude a human, you will get no benefits from AI.

Use artificial intelligence to automate routine tasks and summarise data. This will give your team time to focus on strategies and achieve results that you would not be able to achieve in other ways.

Although AI technology is constantly evolving and machines are becoming smarter, they are unlikely to replace humans in the nearest future. You do not need to use machines to surpass humans but you need to use them to deal with specific tasks.

Does your business have no strategy? Design it!

Many companies are already using artificial intelligence, and others will start using it soon. But very few of them have developed an AI implementation strategy. According to a study conducted by the MIT Sloan Management Review magazine, this strategy is most required for large companies with over 100,000 employees, but only half of them have it.

If you do not have such a strategy, you cannot use all the power of AI. That is why your business needs an artificial intelligence implementation strategy. You should consider designing such a strategy and decide what to include in it. That is why businessmen are increasing investments in this field. And to cover these investments, they must avoid the above-mentioned mistakes.


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