DeCenter CryptoEvent Moscow 2018

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
29 March 2018 Updated on  Обновлено   11 February 2023

An international blockchain-forum with a large-scale crypto exhibition was held on 27 and 28 March in Expocenter (Moscow-city). DeCenter CryptoEvent Moscow 2018 became the most significant event of the cryptocurrency industry throughout Europe.

DeCenter CryptoEvent Moscow 2018

This event gathered over 10,000 participants, 100 journalists, and 100 profile companies, among which were software developers, mining equipment manufacturers, ICO organizers, blockchain platforms, trading services, crypto exchanges, and instant exchange services.

Crypto exhibition was held in the Pavilion №8 on the largest platform (165,000 sq.m.) for the organization of significant industry and business events in Russia. Co-organizer of the conference was the most famous crypto community DeCenter. The representatives of crypto industry from Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Bulgaria, Malaysia, and other countries arrived at the forum from abroad.

Polygant on DeCenter CryptoEvent

Our company ‘Polygant’ also participated in the exhibition and presented its stand.

Polygant on DeCenter CryptoEvent

Who reported and what about

More than 60 speakers, who are experts and practitioners of the cryptocurrency sphere, made their reports on CryptoEvent. Among them were the top managers of international organizations, foreign crypto experts and developers, and even the Honorary Consul of Russia in Switzerland Karl Eckstein. And, of course, domestic experts, known to all Runet:

  • Herman Klimenko, the head of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (RACIB), and Advisor to the President of Russia on Internet development;
  • Dmitry Marinichev, Internet ombudsman and entrepreneur, the CEO of Russian Mining Coin;
  • Denis Aleynikov, one of the developers of the Belarusian decree legalising cryptocurrencies;
  • Boris Akimov, the CEO of LavkaLavka and Biocoin;
  • Igor Lebedev, the CTO of SOMN;
  • Alexander Borodich, the CEO of Universa Blockchain.

Speakers explained how to work on the crypto market, where to invest and what ICO to participate in. The audience learned how to organize the ICO and how the Russian companies attracted $300 million during ICO. The business cases from the largest Russian ICO companies – Russian Mining Coin, SOMN and Universa Blockchain, were presented. The founders of these projects gave practical advice to the investors and future organizers of ICO.

Speakers performed in three halls:

  1. The main hall on the investment in cryptocurrencies and ICO for those who plunge into the world of cryptocurrency and investment;
  2. ICO hall for those who are going to hold their ICO;
  3. Technology hall for IT specialists and blockchain startups.

After the conference, the participants with business and VIP tickets headed to the crypto party with speakers and investors, where they exchanged visit cards, established partnerships and attracted future employees and clients with good music and quality drinks.


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