Speech Recognition

Being one of the most demanding tasks related to AI systems, speech recognition is the process of converting speech signal into digital data. Machine speech-to-text and audio responses are already something routine, common, and commercialized.

Speech technology jump was possible because of reducing computing costs – today, it is profitable to establish large neural networks, employ them to process data arrays, and thus solve lots of problems. Our communication with machines is so seamless that we feel no difference from talking to an agent.

Speech recognition employs the latest machine learning advancements. These are high-learnability neural network algorithms and rich lexicons that enable fine recognition accuracy.

Speech Recognition

Where speech recognition is used

There are four major fields where machine recognition has already proven itself:

  1. Voice communication and IVR; most heavily employed in call centers, self-service, and online banking. Greetings and voice menus are something very ordinary today.
  2. Voice authentication. Major banks apply it to identify users by a voice print. Voice-based verification is also used in security architectures and in the form of voice signatures.
  3. Speech analysis of calls and negotiations. Aimed at evaluating customer feedback and satisfaction, enhancing agent performance, and revealing trends in contacting support desk or sales office.
  4. Voice control. Multipurpose solutions that come in handy, for instance, in managing emails, browser, home appliances, and smart house facilities. In automobile manufacturing, this technology empowers navigators and — coming soon — unmanned vehicle handling.

Service quality improvement

In face, there can be plenty of application opportunities, but most entrepreneurs intend to be capable of managing the flow of inquiries — this would enable them to influence sales rates and engaging potential customers. Development of an intelligent contact center automation system is what is actually able to improve customer loyalty and advocacy through providing personalized offers and prompt resolution. After all, what the client tells you already contains everything you need, but the key is to interpret it.

Such systems are never limited to distribution of incoming and outgoing calls. They also save agent time alleviate loads, enhance management when processing orders, accelerate delivery, detect and sort out service department issues. Moreover, the recognition system can automatically monitor personnel activity.

By replacing legacy methods with the intelligent recognition system, your company will reduce costs related to deploying and running call centers, by 35%. Empowered by the new technology, data analysis will at least double sales.

Speech recognition is ready for you

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