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Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
18 January 2020 Updated on  Обновлено   13 June 2023

Do you have a web project that requires a Golang (Go) developer or an entire development team? We will provide you with such resources! Polygant has assembled a unique pool of professionals who have the necessary programming skills and extensive experience in Go development.

Recommended Go developers are able to work in a team, understand terms of reference and documentation, cope with third-party code, and can fix errors. They are ready to participate in all stages of your project, providing functionality and optimization. And if necessary, they will continue to maintain your product after its release.

Hiring a ready-made development team is a way to save on the services of a recruitment agency and reduce the time from the start of development to the implementation of a project and changing its status to ‘in the public domain.’

Hourly Rate: Час работы: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Igor B. , Middle Go Developer
  • API
  • Go
  • Golang
Programming experience: 4 years. Understands and applies multithreading in Go. Can create and optimise API. Knows and uses popular frameworks and patterns. Experienced in working with cloud platforms.
Hire Developer
Anthony K. , Senior Go Developer
  • Go
  • Golang
  • Java
  • NoSQL
Programming experience: 6 years. Writes efficient and scalable code. Understands the principles of building high-load systems. Can work with various APIs and version control systems. Well versed in relational and NoSQL databases. Broad technical knowledge.
Hire Developer

Go language: brief overview

Golang (or simply Go) is a compiled, multithreaded programming language developed by Google corporation for creating highly efficient programs. It’s supported by many popular frameworks such as Buffalo, Gin, Gorilla, Revel.

The demand for Go programmers is growing rapidly. Many well-known companies have already formed their own teams or hire such specialists to work on large-scale projects. This language is in demand due to the following advantages:

  • Open source code. A large community and IT industry tech giants, including Google, contribute to the spread of Go.
  • Parallelism. Go supports parallel processing using multiple computer cores. Different blocks and components of software can smoothly process the same processes while simultaneously working with various data. For this reason, companies hire Go developers to create high-performance software platforms, especially cloud-based ones.
  • Ease of understanding. Any developer with knowledge of C or C++ will easily understand Go because their syntaxes are very similar. It has a lot of additional functions that can be used to reduce the complexity of code for a more accurate understanding of processes.
  • Rapid development. Go supports many useful tools and frameworks to speed up development processes. And its compilability makes it a more efficient language compared to competitors like Python and Java.

Go development rates

Creating web services and microservices in Go
Hourly Rate: Час работы: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Developing client-server apps in Go
Hourly Rate: Час работы: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Asynchronous programming with Go
Hourly Rate: Час работы: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Creating high-load web apps in Go
Hourly Rate: Час работы: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Developing a back end for mobile services
Hourly Rate: Час работы: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Testing and debugging Go apps
Hourly Rate: Час работы: 50 USD (45 EUR)

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