WILDEX Case Study

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
9 January 2023 Updated on  Обновлено   14 June 2023


We were approached by a client with the task of developing a decentralized exchange (DEX). The client did not have a clear understanding of what such an exchange is.

Therefore, we conducted a rather large “excursion” on this topic, telling what DEX is in general, for whom it is and what set of functions it includes, and also gave an extensive understanding of the processes and costs of developing various exchange options.

After a short amount of time, the client returned to us with an understanding of what he needed, and from that moment we started developing the WILDEX decentralized exchange.

We changed the brand name and blurred out any references in the screenshots so as not to violate the NDA for our client.


  • Development of a decentralized exchange based on the DEX-AMM model. AMM (Auto Market Making) is an automatic market making technology. Instead of a traditional book order, liquidity pools of pairs of assets are used, and prices are calculated according to a formula based on their ratio in the pool.
  • In terms of feature set, as well as the main reference to rely on when developing, is Uniswap (UNI).
  • The design of a decentralized exchange should be developed based on the company’s brand book, taking into account corporate colors.


At the first stage, our team began with the preparation of terms of reference for the development of the WILDEX decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, taking into account the input data that the client provided us.

Properly drawn up terms of reference is a fundamental factor in the development of any product. It took us two weeks to develop the terms of reference.

In addition to the technical description and terms of each of the development stages of the WILDEX exchange, it also includes mockups.

Mockups, in this case, are images of various exchange pages with the visualization of the main functionality without taking into account corporate identity and other graphic elements.

They serve, first of all, to make it possible to understand how and how this or that functionality will be located, on the basis of which it is possible to make significant changes and adjustments even before the layout development process, which may take some time in the future. , that is, to shift the deadlines.

Our team is quite serious about the scope and deadlines set for itself at each stage, so we carefully approach each of the processes we work on.

The second stage was the provision of a finished technical task to the client and its approval. During the approval process, we made several adjustments based on the wishes of the client, and a few days later the terms of reference were completed and accepted.

At the third stage, our development team proceeded directly to the development of WILDEX itself, and the design team took up the layouts of the exchange, taking into account the company’s corporate colors and the provided brand book.

The layouts of each of the pages, when ready, were provided to the client for approval in order to save time and not stretch the process.

The completion of the third stage was the provision of an intermediate version of the exchange to the client for review, as well as the approval of layouts.

At the fourth stage, our team completed the process of developing and bringing the visual component of the exchange to an agreed layout, which were developed taking into account the corporate identity of the company.

Immediately before transferring the exchange to the client, we conducted a full-fledged testing of the performance of all functionality, and also checked the pages for compliance with the layouts.

After completion of testing and checks on our part, we handed over WILDEX to the client. A week after the transfer, familiarization and testing of the exchange by the client, the fourth stage was successfully completed.

The development of the WILDEX decentralized exchange has been successfully completed. In the future, the client, for whom our team developed the exchange, contacted us more than once to develop other products.


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