Coin-Change Case Study

Johnny Walker
Chief Editor
7 April 2023 Updated on  Обновлено   14 June 2023

Coin-Change is a modern and convenient service developed by our team for our client that allows you to quickly and safely exchange cryptocurrency in automatic mode.


Tasks and goals

The client approached us with the task of developing a cryptocurrency exchange. They wanted to make a service for a fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange, where all operations had to be performed almost instantly thanks to its full automation.

The general list of tasks assigned to our team was as follows:

  • Explore popular cryptocurrency exchanges, identify strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences;
  • Based on the analysis, identify the main competitive advantages;
  • Develop terms of reference;
  • Develop corporate identity, exchanger interface;
  • Develop a cryptocurrency exchanger with the integration of various payment systems.



Our team has a very high competence in the development of various fintech applications and services, including cryptocurrency ones. We studied popular cryptocurrency exchanges, identified strengths and weaknesses.

Based on these data, we were able to identify the main principles of work, due to which the Coin-Change crypto exchange will stand out from other services on the market:

  1. Favorable exchange rate. It is necessary to offer customers the best rates.
  2. Speed. Exchange should be made instantly, in a few minutes;
  3. Reliability. The operation of the service should be based on quality and as clear as possible for the client;
  4. Customer focus. 24/7 technical support that responds quickly to any incoming question or request. The ability for the user to contact by e-mail, through the feedback form, using Telegram or Whatsapp.


As a further direction for the development of the service, the client plans to launch the “Exchange for cash”:

  • Opening offices for exchange in such cities as Dubai, Berlin, London, Beijing, Delhi, etc.;
  • Carrying out each transaction using the service of a personal manager with service at a separate cash desk;


Application screens


Referral program to attract new customers and encourage referrals.


The development of a modern and convenient cryptocurrency exchange Coin-Change has been successfully completed.

The development period was 4 months from the start. Within these times, we:

  • Researched popular cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Determined the main competitive advantages;
  • Developed the terms of reference;
  • Developed corporate identity;
  • Designed the interface of a cryptocurrency exchanger;
  • Developed a web application adapted for mobile
  • Launched a cryptocurrency exchange for public access with further technical support.

The client was completely satisfied with our work on the development of the Coin-Change cryptocurrency exchanger, strict adherence to deadlines and a professional approach to the task.


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