Artificial Intelligence Applications for Business

The questions “what is AI” and “how can it affect an enterprise” are among the most acute and debated today. According to conclusions made by most experts, artificial intelligence (AI) gains traction — particularly in such sectors as services and finance. Professionals predict that the volume of investment in this area is to increase soon. In industry, AI-involving projects are also appearing.

By surveying enterprise representatives, the value of developing artificial intelligence for business was proven: more than 80% major companies throughout the globe already invest in development of this technology. Specialists forecast that every dollar invested in AI will return $1.98 within 5 years, and $2.86 within 10.

AI applications for business

Artificial intelligence: areas of application

First and foremost, AI turned out to be beneficial in mass market operation — namely, in commerce, telecom, and banking. Chat bots can consult customers, answer their questions, or offer services. With that, they capture data, analyse them and then defines customer preferences and patterns. After that, these insights are used for demand forecasting or development of new offers. Such a proactive approach enables marketplaces all over the world to ensure one-third sales volume. As banking-sector employees report, more than a half of loan approvals are handled by robots.

Machine learning

Machine learning tools will allow for analyzing the existing data, enhancing input accuracy, and improve the quality of the processed data. This technology segments the market and offers customers additional products or services.
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Speech recognition

Voice service and speech analysis are one of the most common fields where speech recognition algorithms are involved. Artificial intelligence has evolved enough to replace most contact-center agents.
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Image recognition

Image recognition enables analyzing customer demands and establishing reliable communication with the audience. AI-powered algorithms help consumers in choosing goods, and enterprises in boosting sales.
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AI for fintech

AI-based apps provide fintech enterprises with the ability to enhance services and compete or valuably interact with conventional financial organizations.
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AI for trading

Artificial intelligence can assist traders in analyzing and processing market data, as well as in developing algorithms and strategies. For investors, AI can be valuable in giving investment recommendations or handling the portfolio.
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AI for marketing

SMM will be a piece of cake for AI, not to mention handling promotion campaigns. It will recommend the products or services relevant to customer needs. Also, AI will personalize advertising content and engage more customers.
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Artificial Intelligence Applications for Business

Apps and software for your business

As the pace of AI development is continuously gaining, it is inevitable that the enterprises will wonder how to implement and adopt this technology in their operation.

Those which use artificial intelligence intensely, will benefit from cost reduction and performance enhancement. The rest are likely to fail in competing and thus leave the market.

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