Hire an iOS Developer

Do you have a project that requires an iOS developer? We will provide you with one or even with an entire development team! Polygant has accumulated a pool of experts with the required programming skills and solid experience in the development of iOS mobile apps.

Developers we recommend have teamwork skills, understand terms of reference and documentation, navigate other people’s code, and can eliminate errors. They are ready to participate in all stages of your project, providing functionality and optimisation. And if you need it, they will continue the maintenance of an application after its launch.

Hiring an already formed team of iOS developers is a way to cut costs on services of an HR agency and to reduce the time from the start of the development to the project implementation and changing its status to ‘the project available to the public.’

Hourly Rate: 50 USD (45 EUR)

iOS developer’s expertise

The development of iOS apps is a process of creating applications for Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, etc. They operate on a proprietary mobile operating system that cannot be installed on any devices besides Apple products.

According to statistics, over 60% of all server connections worldwide come from mobile devices, which makes their priority higher in terms of business when compared to tablets and computers. 28% of them are iOS devices.

To create applications, iOS developers use the following programming languages:

  1. Swift is an open-source multi-paradigm compiler-based programming language that has strong object typing, which reduces the total code amount and the number of errors when writing it. It was created in 2014.
  2. Objective-C is a compiler-based object-oriented language based on the C language and Smalltalk paradigms. It was created in 1983.

Most often, Apple’s Xcode serves as the integrated development environment for iOS apps. It is an editor with numerous tools for developers.

After the development, the substantial part of the work is to add an application to the App Store. You can learn more about this final stage in another article.

Almost every online business needs mobile apps. In a corporate environment, using mobile devices increases workflow efficiency.

The development of an iOS application is an essential process if you need to release a product both for clients and internal company use.

Price list for iOS development services

Development of an iOS app. Standard and for business.
Hourly Rate: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Creation of an iOS game by the Polygant developers
Hourly Rate: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Development of an app or a game tailored for iPad
Hourly Rate: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Creation of any app for Apple Watch
Hourly Rate: 50 USD (45 EUR)
Testing and debugging of an iOS app
Hourly Rate: 50 USD (45 EUR)
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