Blockchain Applications Development

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  • Security Audit
  • ICO Preparation and Execution

What is Blockchain?

blockchain development

Blockchain (from “chain of blocks”) – an innovative system for storing and transmitting information in the form of consecutive chains of transaction blocks. Blocks are included in a single database, which is automatically updated when each new transaction is committed.

In simple terms, Blockchain is a database that simultaneously runs on thousands of computers (nodes), so that each of them always has the most up-to-date information. Thanks to this, decentralization is achieved, that is, there is no “main server”, as we are accustomed to see.

The basic principle is the transparency of all operations performed (each participant can look at any operation for any time) with the impossibility of changing them for past periods. Each block in this database contains information about the previous block. Therefore, it is impossible to change the information in a separate block “backdating”, since this will affect all previous blocks up to the very first.

At the stage of its appearance, Blockchain technology was used exclusively for crypto currency, and was later adopted by some banking structures. However, today, in its development, the new system penetrates into our daily life deeply enough. Platforms for the development of business applications based on blocking technology can monitor even the observance of copyright, the tracking of the production processes of a product to its compliance with the declared standards, not to mention absolutely all financial transactions.

Blockchain programming

Blockchain apps development requires a developer to know not only programming languages, but also have a deep understanding of the principles of decentralized applications, as well as cryptography.

For more than 2 years, Polygant has been developing Blockchain applications for business. Create your own Cryptocurrency, develop a stock exchange and conduct an ICO – it’s easy! And also Blockchain programming, smart contracts programming.

Need specialists on Blockchain? Contact us for the blockchain programming! Our programmers understand the essence of work of all code bases (C ++, Java, Solidity, Python and others).

Smart Contracts development

Smart contracts are used for those types of activities where it is possible to automatically fulfill the obligations of the parties without participation and evaluation by a person. Smart contract independently tracks whether the terms of the contract were fully implemented. At the same time, thanks to the very system of Blockchain, the code is absolutely protected from any third-party interference. That is, no attacker can change the lines of code – the terms of the contract concluded between two (or more) people.

Smart contracts were first introduced in practice in 2013 in the Ethereum project, now it is most often used for ICO: on the basis of the published white paper, investors send funds to the account of the relevant smart contract, receiving in exchange the money signs that play the role of shares of this startup.

We can implement your smart contract for the Ethereum platform.

Issue own Cryptocurrency

Create own Cryptocurrency
Thanks to Blockchain technology, you can create your own Coin by analogy with Bitcoin: the source codes are freely available. At the same time, it requires the exclusive professionalism of developers to be able not only to do everything right, but also to ensure safety and fault tolerance.

To develop a coin, we take the actual source code, make the necessary changes to it and compile. Usually, the development consists of the following stages:

  • Compilation of the coin + wallet core for Windows and Linux
  • Deploying 2 primary nodes
  • Creating a block explorer and a mining pool
  • Compiling mobile wallets (iOS and Android)

If you do not need significant changes in the core, the coin creation takes approximately one month and costs from $25,000. Separately, integration with web services and a web wallet can be worked out.  Get a quote for own cryptocurrency issuing.

Ethereum tokens are just digital tools that are created on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. They use the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum, instead of forcing developers to create a completely new blockchain.

We solve the issues of the complex creation of coins and tokens with a mobile application, back-end, front-end and other necessary services.

Security Audit

Compliance with high security standards and resistance to DDoS attacks is the cornerstone of Blocking Services. Hundreds of cases have already occurred, where criminals either permanently disrupted services, or abducted coins for tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.

If you operate Blokchain service, security is the first, what to do. We carry out your audit of your service, identify weak spots and help improve the security.

ICO Preparation and Execution

Conducting the ICO requires a well-coordinated work of many specialists from different areas: financiers, lawyers, programmers, PR and advertising specialists.

We will take care of the technical part: from issuing Tokens to developing an ICO site with the investor’s account. We will consult and provide safety.


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