The cost of Blockchain projects

We are often asked how much it will cost to develop a project using Blokchain, and as a rule the whole project description provided fits in 2-3 paragraphs. Of course, based on such little information, it is unrealistic to estimate the cost of developing a project. At the same time, we managed to form approximate benchmarks for the cost of Blockchain projects:

Web wallet developentfrom $16 000
Cryptocurrency Exchange developmentfrom $30 000
Cryptocurrency Coin issuefrom $25 000
Smart contract development and Token issuefrom $3 500
ICO site developmentfrom $9 000
ICO full service$100 000-$500 000

To determine the exact cost of the project, we always suggest starting with the formation of a detailed project description. Within the terms of reference, it is possible to estimate the number of hours that will be required to spend on the development of the project and calculate the total cost, multiplying the number of hours for the rate. The average Blockchain developers rate is $50- $70 per hour, but in some cases may be as high as $ 100.

The development of a complete technical assignment is the most important part of the project! Please do not neglect it. The cost of developing a terms of reference document for blockchain projects is usually $ 4-5,000.

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